We design and implement models for contracting protection by using systems and procedures for an efficient management of insurance products and guarantees demanded to contractors.


Our staff has designed a contracting protection system which we adapt and tailor according to the needs of each of our clients, as a result of years of experience as brokers specialized in insurance and guarantees related to contractual risks.

Following a process of analysis on contracting procedures and procurement of goods and services of our clients as well as the selection of contractors and / or suppliers, we design and implement contracting protection systems, whose characteristics are efficient procedures for application, validation, monitoring, involvement and overall management of insurance policies and guarantees required for the above mentioned items.

Our services vary and are customized to the specific needs of each client as follows:

  • Preparation and updating of contracting manuals to be used as a guide for requirements related to insurance and surety.
  • Specific advice for the preparation of texts, deadlines and percentages in terms of insurance and surety, emphasizing which type of contract is to be used in accordance with its sensitivity.
  • Audit to the insurance and guarantees supplied by contractors, with the purpose of determining the fulfillment of the subscribed contract´s requirements.
  • Audit the validity and the payment of the insurance policies and surety supplied by contractors.
  • Software used to control the validity of guarantees and insurance.
  • Digitalization and documentary software for an efficient handling of information (contracts, policies, payment receipts, etc.).
  • Legal and technical advice regarding the presentation of notices and claims if any of the contractors causes a potential breach of contract.
  • Regular monitoring reports (police’s weaknesses and outstanding polices, maturities under coverage, contractual modifications, losses, etc.).
  • Training and workshops.
  • Follow-up Committees.