Workers Compensation and Employers Liability

Our Workers Compensation and Employers Liability broker team is accredited by the Ministry of Labor, since it fulfills the requirements of Decree 1637 of 2013 on suitability, human, operational and technological infrastructure. Additionally, we have established strategic alliances with different suppliers in the sector, ensuring a comprehensive service in the management of our client´s Workers Compensation and Employers Liability risks.

Likewise, our License No. 7674- 2014 whose purpose is to provide services related to safety and health at work, allows us to deliver solutions as well as the technical and administrative support required for the adequate administration of the Safety Management System and Occupational Health of companies.

Our main objective is to support the achievement of goals within the Safety Management System and Occupational Health (OSH-MS), improving productivity and strengthening the organizational culture.

We propose to become allied parties of our clients in managing the control of resources destined by the insurers (ARL) for conducting promotion activities, prevention and carried out by different suppliers.
Once the needs of each of our customers have been identified, we offer a suitable support thanks to a multidisciplinary team that conducts activities in order to fulfill the goals within the OSH management system by providing the following services:

  • Permanent technical and administrative consultancy, supporting the company’s management in terms of Workers Compensation and Employers Liability.
  • Assistance throughout the negotiation period, and permanent support to the activities agreed in the work schedule with the ARL.
  • Advice, support and training in the Committee of Labor Coexistence COPASST.
  • Advice and support from the Management System for Social Security and Health at Work, which allows undertaking actions and corrective measures previous to certifications and / or audits.
  • Advice and follow up of work related diseases and labor accidents.
We have a multidisciplinary team available to our customers, composed by licensed professionals in Occupational Health, Medical Doctors Licensed in Occupational Health and experienced lawyers in occupational health, who will provide all the technical and commercial support for handling the Management System for Social Security and Health at Work (OSH-MS) and following up of claims and losses.

Additionally, we have and we offer our clients to handle the relationship CUSTOMER-BROKER-ARL-SUPPLIERS through a software focused in an exclusive manner on managing the company´s workers compensation and employers liability associated risks (monitoring activities, Insures Control, tracking claims and losses).